APOLLO Sensors, Inc.
(630) 293-5820
Manufacturer of MgO thermocouples and RTD’s

Backer EHP
Tubular heating elements, including finned,
formed, immersion, and straight length

Borg General Controls
Mechanical/electro-mechanical, synchronous & programmable timers

Columbus Electric & Stemco
(Division of TPI Corp.)
HVAC controls including low & line voltage thermostats, mechanical & non-programmable thermostats, air switches, pressure controls, bi-metal disc & capillary thermostats

Heat & Sensor Technology
Mica band, ceramic band and strip heaters, tube & wire thermocouples and cartridge heaters

Howe Precision Industrial, Inc.
Pressure gauges, bi-metal & digital thermometers, digital temperature controllers and accessories.
  Jen-Ter Wire & Element, Inc.
Fiberglass insulated & moisture resistant flexible heating elements (rope heaters), foil laminated heating elements, open-coil heating elements & cord assemblies.

Kawai North America
Tubular electric heating elements for commercial
& industrial markets, including straight length, formed, finned & process heaters, heat exchangers & open-coil heaters

Master Cast, Inc.
Custom manufacturer of aluminum castings, permanent molds and all cast in electrical heating elements.

(Pacific Controls American, Inc)
Refrigeration / Freezing, air conditioning thermostats, bi-metal thermostats, pressure, humidity & flow controls.

Thermo Heating Elements
Silicone rubber, Kapton, Etched foil and flexible heaters

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